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The bow is beautiful to shoot with. I’m  still getting used to using such a fine bow over a short distance, longer distances in the next few days as I become more adept. Today as the sun was setting, I shot an arrow up in to the air to see how far it would go. Well,  I must say I got quite a shock because the arrow disappeared from sight. I lost the arrow somewhere in the bush about 100 m away. I will look for it in the morning and find a more open place to shoot the target where miss-shot arrows can be more easily found.

Hanna Tree

I don’t live in the city. It is 270 km away on the other side of the mountains near the coast. I live in a beautiful wilderness nature refuge, like a National Park. It is a pristine wilderness of over 200 acres surrounded by even more wild forest. The nearest neighbor is about 1 km away, faraway from where I have the pillow target set up, and the nearest town is about 2o km. I would not dream of shooting a wild animal here, but I don’t mind shooting a lumpy, old pillow. I think I’ll sling a blanket up behind the target to catch the stray arrows or the ones that go right through. The photos show my rather silly target but hey, it works for me. The main thing is to shoot the middle two rings and I like to move it around a bit or sideways to develop my aim, kind of like trying to shoot a live target that is on the move. That way I get lots of practice at various angles. For me it’s a way to relax at the end of a working day.  Today I shot a thin gum tree when I aimed to high. I thought it was pretty cool to hit such a small target but it wasn’t what I was aiming at, I’ll admit. Ten shots straight dead centre is what I’m aiming for.

If I am ever a really good shot I will buy  expensive wooden arrows like the ones in the link, but because there are so many trees here, wooden arrows tend to smash when I miss the target and hit a tree instead, or the fletchings are torn off in bushes, so I’ll stick with aluminum or carbon for the time being. I’ve had a go at making arrows from bamboo and wood but I’m not very good at making them perfectly straight yet. There is nothing straight in this forest!

By Hanna Tree

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