Huntingdoor Archery Set For Beginners

Precise and stable, our Huntingdoor Beginner Archery Set is perfect for archers of all ages. Please specify.

A Take-down bow is good for beginners because it allows you to adjust your draw weight. Basically, the draw weight of your bow is determined by the stiffness and construction of the limbs. So if you were to buy a recurve with 30# draw weight, and you were to decide a few months later than you want to upgrade to 40#, you don’t need to get a whole new bow – all you have to do is purchase a new set of limbs with the draw weight that you would want to upgrade to, and replace your current limbs.The bow we’re talking about is also a takedown recurve bow.
Simple, reliable and accurate,this 56″ takedown recurve bow combines strength and performance in one valuable package. High-strength aluminum riser sports an ergonomically correct grip that makes it a dream to shoot.
The fiberglass-laminated limbs are made of handsome maple for durability and power. Takedown design allows for easy tote and compact storage.
Available in draw weights from 30 to 50 pounds, and can be drawn up to a 30″ draw length.

Right Hand Takedown Recurve Bow
Right Hand Takedown Recurve Bow

Another thing to consider when deciding choose this recurve bow is whether you want to attach a bow sight and other accessories to it.
A sight is used to help you aim your bow. This recurve bows don’t include sights, because many archers prefer the challenge of instinctive shooting, or shooting without the aid of an aiming aid like a sight or another point of reference. Still, sights are perfectly legitimate to use, and can sometimes help the beginning archer learn where to look and how to aim for instinctive shooting. This recurve bow come pre-drilled for such attachments.

Bow Sight

Whisker silencers are lightweight rubber silencers that reduce the noise of your bowstring without compromising the performance of your bow. These are not so important for backyard or target archery, but they are wonderful add-ons to your bowstring when you start bow hunting.

Cat Whiskers Silencers

Arrows are the most important part of archery, even more so than the bow. After all, the arrows are the ones hitting the target, not the bow. Quality arrows beat a quality bow in importance.
For beginners,we suggest Aluminum arrows or Fiberglass arrows.
a> Aluminum arrow is one of the cheaper options. They tend to bend when damaged rather than break like a carbon arrow, which means they are safer. They offer good accuracy and most are relatively light. These are also very silent so they are good for hunting.

aluminum arrows

Aluminum arrows

The cheapest quality aluminum arrows are a little more than $2.6 per arrow.
b>Fiberglass arrow is a beginner material for youth bows and also used for bow-fishing. It is nearly impossible to shatter and therefore safe. However, these arrows are heavy causing them to be less accurate.

fiberglass arrows
Fiberglass Arrows

The cheapest quality fiberglass arrows are a little more than $1.5 per arrow.
A quiver is a container used for holding your arrows before you shoot them. Sometimes, archers will just stick their arrows into the ground, but this can be tough on the arrows and arrow tips and inconvenient for the archer. Some quivers attach to the bow while some are worn around the waist or shoulder. Quivers make it much quicker to pull a new arrow for the next shot. It’s not an essential bit of equipment, but it’s definitely nice to have.

plastic quiver
Plastic Arrow Quiver

This Plastic quiver is attatch to the bow.The cheapest price is only $9.9 ,hold 6 arrows.

mini quiver
Mini quiver

This Mini Leather quiver is worn around the waist.The cheapest price is only $10.99,hold 6 arrows.

cow leather quiver
Genuine Cow Leather Quiver

This high quality Genuine Cow Leather quiver is worn around the shoulder.The cheapest price is $38.99,hold 24 arrows.
An arm guard covers your forearm, and sometimes your entire arm, to keep your sleeves, hair and skin out of the way of the bowstring as you release your arrow. As you start learning the proper technique, you should learn how to adjust your elbow vertically to keep most of your arm out of the way of the string, but until then, you should wear an arm guard that covers as much of your arm as possible. The string will smack or drag along your arm from time to time, especially as you’re learning the sport, and you don’t want your skin to be in the way when that happens.

leather arm guard
Arm Guard

This Black Leather Arm Guard with 4 Adjustable Straps,only $8.49.

If you shoot a bow without something to protect your fingers, you will end up with painful blisters that will eventually lead to problems with your release. You can wear a leather glove or finger tabs on your shooting hand to prevent these blisters.

leather glove
Brown Finger Guard Protector Glove

This brown cow leather glove is only $6.99

finger glove
Three Finger Guard Hand Glove

Or you may want to choose this finger tab,only $8.49
This archery set comes disassembled. Some assembly required.
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